Miracle of the Holy Pity in Cannobio

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Miracle of the Holy Pity in Cannobio

“Lumineri” feast

In Cannobio, as every year on January 7th, the town lights up with thousands small red candles on windows, bolconies, along roads, on the bell tower and on boats coming from the lake. After the Mass in the collegiate church dedicated to Saint Vittore the “Sacra Costa” (the miracle of the Holy Pity fo Cannobio) is moved to the Sanctuary “della Pietà”.

After that, as tradition, all participants, in private houses or in restaurants and hotles, eat the typical supper of the miracle’s evening (wich happened on January 7th 1522). The dinner menu is really poor: a soup with pasta and beans, with potatoes, Savoy cabbages and “luganighe” (small salami).


January 7th 2013

h. 5.30 p.m. – Mass with bishop Giulio Franco Brambilla from Novara in the collegiate church dedicated to Saint Vittore and procession to move the “Sacra Costa” to the Sanctuary “della Pietà”.

Cannobio is lighted with 9.000 “lumineri”.

Traditional supper in the school’s canteen.

January 8th 2013

h. 10.30 a.m. – Mass with da Mons. Francesco Mancinelli in the Sanctuary.

h. 3 p.m. – procession back to the collegiate church Saint Vittore.


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