Lake Maggiore LetterAltura 2012

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Lake Maggiore LetterAltura 2012

Lake Maggiore LetterAltura 2012 – June 28th to July 22nd 2012

Sixth Edition

Verbania: 28 June – 1 July 2012
Valle Antigorio (Baceno e Crodo): 7 – 8 July 2012
Lago d’Orta (Ameno e Miasino): 14 – 15 July 2012
Macugnaga: 20 – 22 July 2012

For the sixth year running, a Cultural Festival not to be missed – Lago Maggiore LetterAltura 2012: 55 events, meetings with authors, performances, and creative workshops and more than 60 national and international guests to focus attention on the mountains and promote them as one of the global priorities of humanity; the only source of water that can guarantee a future for next generations.

Joining us, among others, will be: the writers Luis SepulvedaPaolo RumizPino CacucciChristian WolmarCristiano Cavina,Andrea MolesiniEddy CattaneoMarco Albino FerrariMarco RevelliPap KhoumaLaura ParianiBenito MazziAngelo Del Boca, the actor Marco Paolini, the musicians Têtes de Bois, the climbers Ermanno Salvaterra and Maurizio Giordani, the scientists Margherita Hack and Amédée Zryd, the photographer Hilaire Dumoulin, the directors Krzysztof Zanussi and Michele Trentini.

The programme framework remains unchanged from last year: from moning meetings to late night performances, the public will be able to meet the authors, participate in debates, reflect on our chosen themes and enjoy many other interesting activities.

In the programme, however, there are some interesting new activities that can be found in the online version.

THEMATIC PATHS:Mountains of Europe, Mountain Goat Cheese, Climbing, Goat, Resistence/Existence,: these are the themes that, following the common threads of the mountains, travel and adventure, have guided the inspiration of many of the activities of LetterAltura 2012.

KID’S SPACE! LetterAltura is a festival for everyone: adults and children. Kids of all ages will be able to get involved by joining in our special activities provided just for them. These include: meetings with specific authors and funny sports activities.

Lago Maggiore LetterAltura 2012: an occasion to discover a wonderful place together with well-known personalities of international culture.

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