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Visits to the quarry of the Milan Cathedral

11th June

 Marble and memories in the Ossola Valley

Discover the origins of one of the most famous Italian monuments during this unique excursion. Together with the Venerable Factory of the Milan Cathedral, the Authority of the Val Grande National Park organizes six appointments starting from May 15th to visit the quarry of the famous cathedral, in honour of the Expo 2015 in Milan. Accompanied by one of the Official Guides of the Park, the participants will depart by foot from Candoglia (Mergozzo) to reach the panoramic entrance to the quarry. Halfway they will pass the sawmill Venerable Factory of the Milan Cathedral, which is dedicated to working the blocks of precious marble from the quarry.

After the excursion there will be a visit to the workshop in Candoglia where expert craftsmen work tirelessly to restore … Read More »

The Stresa Carnival 2015

18th February

For the Anglophones there’s Halloween but now the real costume party of the year is coming up.

Saturday 14, Sunday 15 and Tuesday 17 February the festivities of the Carnival will be held in Stresa.

They will commence at 3 p.m. in Piazza Cadorna on Saturday with costumes, snacks and hot chocolate.

On Sunday 15 King Falcètt will parade through the streets of Stresa, departing from the Convention Center until he reaches Piazza Cadorna where he  will declare the opening of the Carnival. The entertainment will be provided by the Corpo Musicale di S. Gerenzano and The Majorettes. There will also be a costume contest and prizes for the children. If you are interested in participating the registrations must be made at the Ufficio Turistico città di Stresa on Saturday 14 at 12.00 … Read More »

Cannobbio, “la marcia dei lanternit” is back!

26th January

Who says only in Halloween the night comes to life?

On  31 January come back the evocative walk in the moonlight for the 47th time, on Lake Maggiore.

Armed with only candels and lantern we will retrace the steps of the ancient “mulatiera” leading to Trarego (Verbania) pushed to departure from “Bandin”.

The meeting will be at 17:30 in “Angelo Custode Square” to strat to walk at 18:00.

For more information we forgive the event Cannobbio mail: info@cannobbio4you.it

Winter camellia 11th exposition

4th December

6th-7th-8th December 2014 at Villa Giulia Verbania-Pallanza

Lake Maggiore is one of the best area for acidophilic flowers cultivation: camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons… And here’s the queen of winter: the Winter camellia!

Winter camellia exhibition at Villa Giulia in Verbania-Pallanza from Saturday 6th December to Monday 8th December 2014.

Several events during this interesting camellia exposition: guided tours to villas’ gardens, conventions, meetings, food and wine tasting and so on…

Verbania-Pallanza at Villa Giulia Corso Zanitello, 10
Opening ceremony on Saturday 6th December 2014 at 10.30 a.m.
Free entrance for exposition and events from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.



For Christmas share an unforgettable emotion…

31st October

An unusual present!

Few days it’s Christmas and as usul no good ideas for presents!

But if you want, we can help you… have you ever been at Lake Maggiore, Mergozzo Lake, Orta Lake?! Or in Ossola Valley?! …If you may have been here already, are you sure to know very well all these places?! If you already know them very well, it’s time to do something different with your friends and/or relatives! But what can you do exactly?! Don’t worry we are plenty ideas and we are sure there’s the right one for you!

Feel free to contact us for a unique gift, personalized and special!

Just call us or send us an e-mail… you have just to tell us your opinions and ideas and we prepare a Voucher to grant your wihes!

Read More »

Sapori d’Italia – A very special gift for everybody!

31st October

For a special, unusual present or an exciting experience please contact us

Canyoning, biking around in mountain bike, sailing or just for an exclusive pampering stay… tell us  your idea, we will do the rest!

And… wish you a great party!


Lake Maggiore is waiting for you…

16th October

Waiting for season 2015

Season 2014 is at the end…

But all Lake Maggiore is waiting for you in the next season!

Borromeo Islands will open again on 20th March 2015…

…and next year with EXPO Milan 2015 there will be one reason more to come and visit us!

See you soon on the shores of our beautiful Lake!


Locarno Camelia Festival 2013

18th March

“Locarno Camelia” edition 2013

The edition 2013 of  ”Locarno Camelia” will take place in Camelia’s Park of Locaro at Lake Maggiore from Wednesday, 20th to Sunday, 24th March 2013.

Camellias are spring’s ambassadors. Locarno welcomes the new season with a celebration dedicated to these beautiful flowers. “Locarno Camellia” is considered one of the most important events in its genre, second only to the Japanese exhibitions of camellias.

In Asia the camellia is known as the flower that brings spring with it. The blossom is considered a symbol of longevity, happy marriage, wealth, victory and happiness. Camellias were brought to Europe by English traders in the 18th century.

The idea of this tea drinking merchants was not to import the ornamental Camelia japonica plant though, but the tea plant Camelia sinensis. But by mistake or a … Read More »

Villa Taranto reopening 2013

15th March

The most beautiful Botanical Garden of Lake Maggiore

The Botanical Garden Villa Taranto in Pallanza at Lake Maggiore (VB) will open again for season 2013, after the devastating tornado which damaged it last year in the evening of August 25th.

Finally the reopening of Villa Taranto will be on Saturday, 16th March 2013 and for this season will be open till November 3rd 2013.

After long works of expert gardeners the garden will be more beautiful than ever! Wonderful coloured flowerbeds and rare trees will surprise you. Don’t miss its visit during your holidays at Lake Maggiore!

Who has been in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore, for a long time or just for one season or even only for a summer afternoon, has certainly visited the Gardens of Villa Taranto. The notoriety they … Read More »

Borromeo Islands reopening 2013

14th March

The wonders of Lake Maggiore are going to open again for season 2013

Finally the reopening of the three jewels of Lake Maggiore: the “Isola Bella”, the “Isola Madre” and the “Rocca d’Angera”!

On Saturday 16th March 2013 palace, villa, castle and gardens are going to open again for all turists that every year want to spend a day out at Lake Maggiore on the Borromeo Islands.

It will be possible to visit them till October 20th, 2013. The Borromean Gulf will wait for you!

A little bit of history and some information…

The Borromean Islands are a group of three small islands and two islets in the Italian part of Lago Maggiore, located in the western arm of the lake, between Verbania to the north and Stresa to the south. Together totalling just 50 acres (20 hectares) in area, they are … Read More »


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Sapori d’Italia – A very special gift for everybody!

For a special, unusual present or an exciting experience please contact us

Canyoning, biking around in mountain bike, sailing or just for an exclusive pampering...