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Enjoy in kayak and discover Lake Maggiore – 2017

20th June

Fun on the water in an enchanting environment
Everyday from July to end September 2017

Lake Maggiore surrounded by mountains is always elegant particularly when the wind blows from the south or the north and moves the water. This is the reason why every week you can go out on the lake for a canoe-kayak excursion and discover this wonderful spot. You first learn how to stay on a canoe and how to paddle before departing on a 1-hour excursion on the Borromeo Gulf.
Heading out on the water, you learn about the dangers of the water and discover canoeing as a means of transport. All this is possible in the unique environment of the Borromeo Gulf, where nature creates wonderful landscapes to be discovered. Here you can relax and enjoy the magnificent views.

This canoe course of 2 hours can be organized in … Read More »

Come and live an experience on the glacier

26th May

Live Macugnaga
Experience on the glacier 

Meet in Macugnaga Staffa at 9:00 a.m. ca. with alpine guide. Departure by cableway from Macugnaga to Mount Moro. From the mountain hut, you will start a guided walking tour (3 hours) with easier final crest to reach the summit of Seewijnen. Return to the hut at Restaurant “Lo Smeraldo” in Mount Moro for a snack based on local cold cuts and cheeses. Free time in Macugnaga.


EXCURSION PRICE:                    € 198,00 per person min. 2 people        

                                                             € 148,00 per person min. 3 people

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“Ferrata” with guides to Macugnaga – Passo Monte Moro

26th May

Live Macugnaga
“Ferrata” with guides


Meet in Macugnaga Staffa at 9:00 a.m. ca. with the alpine guide. Departure by cableway from Macugnaga to Mount Moro. From here you will start a 1 hour walk to reach the climbing route at 3.000 metres above sea level. The activity will take about an hour and half, climbing in safety on a protected route for a total elevation gain of 250 m on compact rock. Return to Mount Moro, where you will enjoy typical “Polenta e Spezzatino” (cornmeal porridge and beef stew) at Restaurant “Lo Smeraldo” in Mount Moro.  Free time in Macugnaga.



EXCURSION PRICE:            € 117,00 per person min. 2 people        

                                                      €   98,00 per person min. 3 people

                                                      €   92,00 per person min. 4 people



Alpine guide, half-day, in the morning;
Lunch with Polenta e Spezzatino, dessert, drink and … Read More »

ARONA – Bike in flowers

25th May

ARONA – Bike in flowers

Sunday, the 21st May 2017, date in Arona for the traditional “Bike in flowers” organized by the Association Pro Loco of Arona! Around 200 colourful and decorated bicycles will invade the little streets of Arona; adults and childrens are invite to beautify their bikes and to take part of this funny  walk over two wheel! The course will be around 8 km!

For any other information:



MEINA – Maggio vien cantando!

24th May

MEINA – “Maggio vien cantando! “

On Saturday, May the 20th, at 8.30 p.m., a meeting with the Church of S.Margherita of Meina with the concert “Maggio vien cantando”! For this occasion will sing the choir “La Rocca di Arona” and the boys of the Association AGBD (Down Children’s Parents Association) who, with their songs, will introduce the event! Free entrance and free offer.

BAVENO – “Vandal Contest Graffiti”

24th May

BAVENO – “Vandal Contest Graffiti”

The youth council of the municipality of Baveno, called “Baveno 360″, presents the “Vandal Contest Graffiti”.

The final objective of this contest is twofold: to give the possibility of an artistic expression to young guys by highlighting the authorized graffiti as a communicative form of the new generations and on the other to make some areas of the town pleasant. In collaboration with the State Railways, the Municipality of Baveno and the CCR of Baveno, will be completed the contest of the thematic murals at the subway of the Baveno railway station. Selected artists or groups will have two days to complete their works. The works will take place on 13th May 2017 from 14:30 to 18:00 and 14th May 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

BAVENO – Happy Farm Market

9th May

BAVENO – “Happy Farm Market – Art, Design and Handicraft”

Saturday 13th and Sunday 4th of May, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the lakefront of Baveno will be lined with the stalls of Happy Farm Market of Art, Design and Handicraft. In caso of bad weather conditions, the market will be postponed.




3rd May


On Thursday, May 4th, at Domodossola’s Multifunctional Hall G.Falcioni, at 9 p.m will take place “La Bohème”, a small representation of the most beautiful pages of Giacomo Puccini, with a narrative voice that will guide the audience listening.

The winners of the competition organized by the Cultural Music Association in Scene will perform.

Free admission.

For information:

Tel 0324.4921



ORNAVASSO – Life between Leponti and Walser

3rd May

ORNAVASSO – “1st May Event: Life between Leponti and Walser”

The new Association of Ornavasso organizes, in collaboration with the Municipal Administration and local authorities, two festival days beginning on Sunday 30th until Monday May 1st. In Piazza 24 Maggio, starting at 6 p.m on Sunday, Celtic camping and dinner, Celtic music group and theme dances. On Monday morning, the traditional event “Life between Leponti and Walser” will take place with a gastronomic walk along the streets of the village. For access to all courtyards and dinners, it is compulsory to check in from 9.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m in Piazza Bianchetti and Piazza 24 Maggio. All participants will be provided with a glass, a cloth glass-holder and a map of the route.



PELLA – Colorful Flowers from the Lake: Country Edition

28th April

PELLA – “Colorful Flowers from the Lake: Country Edition 2017”

Sunday, the 30th of April, the “Colorful Flowers from the lake – Country Edition 2017” will take place in Pella on Lake Orta; an event dedicated to spring, flowers and music.

At 10.00 a.m. there will be pony rides for the smallest visitors. In the afternoon, a country show with music, dance and gastronomy ending with an aperitif at sunset with risotto and snacks.

There will also be a handicraft and flower market. The proceeds of the manifestation will be used for the restoration of the Church of Saint Filiberto.




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